DPPTrack – IT Project Management

With all the complexities of today’s fast-paced IT environment, companies must not only measure a project’s output, but the way they work.  Managers and executives have the daunting task of managing multiple complex projects at the same time, while balancing limited resources and capital. 

Nearly 70% of organizations do not have comprehensive documentation of their IT application portfolio.  One of the biggest IT challenges today is the proper management of redundant or unused licenses and maintenance.  Expired or out of date licenses can also lead to missed bug fixes and eventually, infrastructure failure.  The same can be said of out of date hardware and the need for hardware updates and maintenance.

CosmoCloud PPM Solution Interface

Lack of visibility into the IT application landscape can cost an organization a lot of money and wasted resources.  DPP Track PPM is designed to track and manage your portfolio of projects within your IT organization effectively.  DPP Track allows you to manage applications and infrastructure through the entire lifecycle.  The intuitive SAAS platform gives your team easy access to be more productive across initiatives in one system of record.  The platform allows you to identify software and/or hardware that can be migrated, eliminated or upgraded to reduce costs while establishing an optimal maintenance schedule.


Key Features

Complete Portfolio Management

DPP Track provides a platform of transparency for the entire IT lifecycle and corresponding processes, work orders, installations, upgrades, and maintenance. Align resources and investments with top down organizational priorities while creating consistent workflow, standards, and processes. Effectively manage change throughout the lifecycle while identifying risks, opportunities, and trends. Accurately capture and track all project data including status, issues, change requests, and all pertinent details in real-time. DPP Track brings an entire platform of control and visibility to your portfolio management.


Resource Allocation

Effectively manage all available resources, budgets, and projects by identifying, measuring, and prioritizing all aspects of your portfolio of projects. DPP Track gives you the ability to view real-time analysis of available resources, budgets, and projects.  After identifying projects of priority, allocate the proper resources by budget, available time, and skillset by using DPP Track’s innovative PPM tool.


360 Degrees of Visibility

IT Teams have full visibility to all data, information, and activities relating to every project within the portfolio. DPP Track PPM provides complete organization of your projects with the ability to prioritize and sort based on several criteria including user type, department, resource, project priority, risk factors, and much more. Access your portfolio of projects anywhere with an internet connection via computer, laptop, or mobile device. With 360 degrees of visibility, DPP Track allows your team to enjoy full visibility into your project pipeline, preparing your organization for any situation.